If you are alcoholic since years and are prone to drinking alcohol to reduce stress, we can help you with alcohol addiction. Stress, anxiety, emotional disturbance can all lead to alcoholic problems. It can impact anyone of any gender and age. From occasional alcohol drinker to the full blown drinker, alcohol can cause adverse effects on health.

How does alcohol addiction affect the brain ?

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Alcoholism appeals to the brain pleasure systems and gives it a calming effect. Owing to get that calming effect, people indulge in alcohol to go stress free. 

Alcohol leads to many adverse effects which affects on only the brain but the physical aspect of the body like the liver.

There is no secret that alcohol affects the brain.It helps them feel happier, less stressed and more sociable.

It helps release endorphins which are “feel good hormones”. Excess of the feel good hormones can cause increase and upsurge in the hormonal levels which will lead to over excitement of brain cells. 

Your cognitive function gets affected which leads to loss of memory or mild dementia. This can also cause problems and loss of judgmental skills, lack of decision power and lack of reasoning. This affects the productivity at work and makes you dependent. Alcohol can potentially affect the brain which can cause short term effects like depressed mood, sleepiness, changes in energy levels and memory loss. 

What causes alcohol addiction to affect the brain ?

The ethanol in the alcohol affects the brain like a poison. When the liver is not able to filter alcohol quickly, it enters the bloodstream and affects the brain. An overdose of alcohol affects the brain’s sustainable functions which in turn will affect the body’s functions. This ethanol crosses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). 

How does the brain react to alcohol?

Alcohol is a neuro toxin that can affect the brain cells directly or indirectly.while it can take years of alcohol drinking for brain damage to appear, negative effects materialize after a few drinks of alcohol.As the individual consumes alcohol he will begin to feel depressant effects in the brain. The brain is the controlling center of the body. It has the tendency to show the impairing effects on the alcohol mentally and physically affecting the overall function of the body. Short term symptoms indicate reducing brain function which include blurred vision , slow reaction time and loss of memory. 

The extent of effect of alcohol : How to know the intensity of the alcohol damage?

The extent of effect alcohol has on the body depends on number of factors including :

  • Quantity and frequency of alcohol consumed 
  • Age at which the drinking is started 
  • How long he or she has been drinking 
  • Individual current age, overall health, gender and genetics 
  • Family history of substance abuse

How alcohol damages the brain ?

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When alcohol enters the body, it travels from the stomach, intestines  through the bloodstream to various organs. Heavy drinking loads of alcohol affects the liver and spikes the level of alcohol content in the blood. Then alcohol moves into the Blood Brain Barrier affecting the brain neurons directly. There are about 100 billion interconnected neurons or brain cells in the brain and the central nervous system. As it is toxic , drinking alcohol can kill the neurons and reduce your overall capacity to think. 

No matter what you have understood about how alcohol addiction damages the brain , it is time to stop indulging into alcohol and go beyond it with a calm and healthy mind which can think and reason out . So stay in touch with us at TRUCARE TRUST, the best rehabilitation center which saves you from the harmful effects of alcohol and gives you a healthy life.