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Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

Top Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune – Trucare Trust  is one of the leading Rehabilitation Centres and De Addiction Centre in Pune, India for overcoming addictions related to Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Drug Abuse etc. Trucare Trust (Pune) is located in the quiet and serene environment with complete peace and tranquility. We believe our program is the ultimate treatment program in the country. We combine traditional therapy with a mix of positivity and balance of mind. We have an educated, sophisticated and experienced staff to assist and cope up during the treatment. We are the Premium De-Addiction Centre for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts in Pune.

Our treatment teams consist of highly experts and experienced staff. All our councillor’s  and doctors are fully qualified and leading professionals in their respective fields. This is one of the many reasons why we are the Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Pune, India.

We have patients from from cities all over India and also all over the world. We have patients from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Goa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Melbourne, London , New York, California, Calgary, Toronto, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Singapore and many more..

Art therapy or expressing oneself through art includes several artistic mediums, including drawing, painting, watercolours, and collages. A tried and tested and most effective tool is the vision board, which is a collage of images, pictures, clippings, words or other materials that represent your goals, hopes and dreams.

Peace of Mind through Yoga and Meditation with the use of the traditional ancient yoga and meditation techniques, we try to inculcate different qualities like social discipline, individual discipline, body posture, control and regulation of breath and vital force, discipline of senses, concentration, contemplation, non violence and truthfulness.

Our dining program although is not similar to the five star gourmet experience, however our food is nutritional tasty and very hygienically prepared. It is our understanding a body recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction needs a well balanced diet. All the three meals are freshly prepared keeping the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Accommodation & Facilities

  • Air-conditioned rooms and dormitory
  • Hot water
  • Veg/Non –Veg menu
  • Satellite TV
  • Indoor games
  • 24/7 medical and support staff
  • Panel of medical & psychiatric staff
  • Experienced counsellors & therapists
  • Clean and modern living area
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service



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