Understanding the link between Stress and addiction : 

This Stress awareness week 2020 follows the rules to eliminate stress and recover from the path of addiction. Understanding stress and addiction is not easy. Both stress and addiction are correlated . 

How stress and addiction are interlinked??

Addiction and stress go hand in hand. For those dealing with high level of stress, alcohol and smoking helps to diminish stress thus leading to substance abuse and addiction. Addiction can be taken care by handling stress. Chronic stress leads to long term addiction. Stress must be eliminated from the body to overcome addiction.

People undergo traumatic experience to reduce stress and tension fall prey to addiction. Dealing with depression and anxiety is also difficult. Some people depend on substances to feel good. 

For that it is extremely important to take stress management therapies. As a part of treatment for addiction. With stress as the main causative factor,you can approach centers which help in holistic healing as stress management therapy for drug abuse and addiction. 

Dealing with stress !!!

Stress is a daily part of life. Issues in relationships , financial stress all put great pressure and burden on day to day life. This makes it more difficult for survival. When we perceive stress, the body releases a hormone cortisol which helps you manage or cope up with stress.

What happens during stress ??

Increased heart rate 

Increased breathing 

Dilated pupils 

Decreased digestion 

Decrease immune system 

When the stressor is gone, the body releases more chemicals trying to relax you . 

It makes you feel :





Example of stress

Losing job is a stress and the response to it would be : 

Working well 

Taking pressure 

Taking burden of work 

Achieving deadlines

Making you feel tired 

Stress and Addiction ? What’s the connection

Many substance like alcohol and cigarette have stress releasing chemicals  and interact with the body’s stress response 

According to the Annals of New york Academy of Sciences, this results in a large number of people who use alcohol and drugs when stressed and this may cause disturbing symptoms to arise. Drugs that may include are as follows: 





The result of using these drugs will give it euphoric feeling thus diminishing stress symptoms. The challenge is that people experiencing chronic stress on daily basis may switch to chronic alcoholism or drug abuse leading to addiction 

Questions about treatment options for addiction ???

We are available 24/7 start treatment options with us for better tomorrow

Let’s treat stress and addiction together!!!

Exercise :

Regular exercise like going for regular walks.  can help people reduce stress. It can work as a great stress buster. According to the Anxiety and Depression association in America , exercise produces endorphins , which are good hormones which make you feel naturally good and better and reduces your stress. All this can ease stress and at the same time reduce the drug dependency thus making you feel better, Slowly and gradually it rescues your craving for drugs and eases your discomfort that you feel because of withdrawal symptoms. All this can help prevent relapse 

Meditation and Mindfulness :

Meditation can help reduce stress and deal in a better way by calming your emotions and mood. It can reduce your cravings and soothe your feeling in long run 

Behavioural therapy :

Behaviour therapy helps you to deal with various stressful situations and how you react to it. By recognizing the patterns individuals can help to react to particular stress and try to cope up with it. 

Supportive therapy :

Shifting to a natural mode of treatment such as ayurveda or homeopathy can help in the long run and which is much suitable for you . Make sure you include minor changes like herbal teas and de stressing Ayurvedic teas which will boost your mind and energy power 

Finding treatment at Trucare Trust : 

Discussing with a specialist about the treatment plan and program is better before stepping it into the action plan. Getting more out of the treatment and best out of it to overcome stress and relapse of the drug addiction is the most important care for you .