Heroin is one of the substances which is very dangerous to your health. It is an easily available drug worldwide. Most addicts start their drug addiction with the common drug “Heroin” also known as “Smack”. Heroin is the part of a drug belonging to the class of Opioids. Opioids react with the opioids receptor in the brain and cause a range of reactions within the system such as a feeling of pain-relieving, easing out stress, relaxation, pleasure, and euphoric feeling. Heroin is a powerful, dangerous, and highly addictive drug. 

How is Heroin Used?

Heroin is usually injected into the veins directly entering the bloodstream and easily having a negative effect on the system. It is also smoked and added to cigarettes. Within seconds of smoking or injection, it shows effects on the body. It directly enters the Central Nervous system and puts you at risk with its detrimental effects on health. Immediate and long term effect is one of the key features of heroin. 

Causes of Heroin addiction 

Every person will show different causes of addiction. A detailed case history is required to know the cause of addiction and to eliminate it completely. Just treating the signs and symptoms of heroin addiction is not enough. You need to understand the heroin addict from the core aspect. Every person reacts differently to heroin. There can be many emotional problems which mental disorders affect the person who is addicted to heroin. Understanding the psychology of emotions and moods will help you treat heroin addiction. Here are some causes that can help you to treat heroin addiction 


If your parent is addicted to drugs, you as a child or teen have higher chances of addiction. Staying in the same environment, your sibling also has higher chances of getting into addiction. Addiction can take a toll on your entire family life. 


Males are more prone to drug addiction than females. The financial crisis and unemployment are more seen in males which can turn them into addiction. Also, men have a higher tendency to stress. To release their stress, they may turn to alcohol, drugs, and smoke. 

Having other mental disorders 

Disorders like mood swings are very common. Having ADHD attention Deficit Disorder) can lead to problems of addiction. Depression, anxiety, and loneliness can also lead to drug addiction.

Not giving enough time to your children 

If you are not spending time with your children over to overwork or any other reasons, there are higher chances that your teen might slip into depression. Close monitoring under the guidance of parents is very important in early adulthood. 

Your social group, peers, and friends 

If your friends are involved in drugs, you might have higher chances to fall into drugs. Spending more time around such friends can give you access to drug peddlers which can be harmful in the long run. 

Here are the main signs and symptoms of Heroin

Addict, Homeless, Tramp, Drug, Dependent

Psychological signs of heroin


Inability to concentrate or focus


Poor judgment 

Cognitive impairment 

Feeling of shame, guilt, and insecurity. 

Social symptoms 

Having a bad company 

Hiding things from family 

Stealing money from home 

Overspending on drugs 

Dramatic mood swings with anger outburst

Rebellious when told “NO”

Unemployed or Job Loss 

Financial crunch 

Difficult relationships 

Suicidal tendency 

Behavioral problems 

Poor performance in exams 

Low productivity at work 

Not showing up at work and college at times.

Possessing syringes and drugs 

Loss of interest in an activity like hobbies 

Not attending social and family gatherings

Secrecy and acting deceptively 

Signs of heroin

Euphoric feeling 




Waddling gait 

Intense pleasure 

Pain relief 

Slow breathing 

Slurred speech 

Dry mouth 

Slow pulse 

Reduced appetite 

When you take heroin for the first time, you quickly go into a state of tolerance which means you will need an increased amount of drug next time. This can lead to drug abuse or misuse of drugs. 

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