The warning signals of the suicide should be taken seriously.Early detection without any delay can help the person at right time. The mind of a person thinking about suicide is extremely sensitive in nature. It should be dealt with care. These signals are easy to notice and one should be careful if anyone talks about dying. 

Suicide is intentionally taking away one’s life which means literally to kill one self. Attempted suicide is inflicting injury, to take away one’s life not to death. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death worldwide. There are some warning signals that the person undergoing these thoughts gives.

We should take it into consideration and help him with medical advice on an immediate basis. When you hear about suicide you wonder why people want to take away their life. This is the first though that dwells in our mind. But what dwells in the mind of a person who has suicidal tendencies is far beyond our thinking. 

Its difficult to imagine when someone goes through a stressful period that that him to the level of suicide. Sometimes there are no clear warnings or signals often go missed. Many factors combines that may lead to suicide. 

Traumatic stress

If the patient has gone through childhood trauma or abuse like rape, physical abuse or war , the patient has the higher risk of suicide. It leads him overcrowded with these negative aspects of life which have great impact on their normal thinking. Being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder PTSD is one of the leading cause of suicide. This is partly because depression is common after trauma leading to restlessness and hopelessness which causes suicidal tendency. 


If a patient has been into alcohol and smoking habits or addicted to drugs , it may lead to suicidal tendencies. The drug dependence can be marked causing him withdrawal symptoms which may be difficult to overcome. One should be careful people who are into drugs as their impulsive is quite high to commit suicide. Job loss, poor relationships may trigger the problem of suicidal tendencies in a patient. Put these together and the risk increases.

Depression: A feeling of despair

Some patients may undergo a feeling of despair, what we call complete hopelessness. Giving up their life with no eagerness or excitement to live is quite common. Depression can be a long lasting trait which may contribute to this problem. People will have a negative impact on their mind and body which leads to suicidal tendency. Also the  psychiatric medicines add to the despair and hopelessness in living a normal life. It makes your life dependent on medicines. 

Social Isolation

Socializing is the key to keep engaged and involved in various activities. People may isolate due to various reasons like losing a friend or spouse , undergoing separation or divorce, retirement , social anxiety disorder, being diabled or mentally ill. There can be various causes that can lead to suicidal tendency

Long standing mental or physical illness

If the patient is disabled or suffering from mental disorder and cannot taker care of himself or herself , the life of the patient becomes a burden for others, then he may take this step of suicide.This is quite prevalent in old age or people suffering from mental illness like addiction. Patients having chronic body pain or illness like cancer. It’s difficult for them to lead a normal life and they end up giving life. This could be a major warning signal.

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