If you have fallen prey to  alcohol & drug addiction and thinking of taking an initiative to stop, take a step forward this new year 2021. Bring in a new ray of hope to your life to put an end to  alcohol & drug addiction on a positive note. The New year 2021 will help you emerge from your  alcohol & drug addiction into a healthier human being. Just 2 days away from New Year 2021, make a promise to yourself that you will no longer use drugs and alcohol. 

We, at Trucare Trust aim at providing you an addiction free life for the New Year 2021. Read more how you can be successful in this resolution and bring about a change in your life. 

“No partying”  formula with friends this New year 2021 can put a stop on Alcohol & Drug addiction 

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Yes, this year the government of various countries are banning New year celebration due to the emergence of the pandemic. So sit at the comfort and safety of home and avoid partying to commit to that resolution.avoiding celebrations and gathering will put an end to alcohol and drug addiction. Once you stop indulging on the 31st night and are committed to stay healthy for the New year 2021, Nobody in the world can change your decision. 

Be committed and dedicated  towards ending Alcohol & drug addiction  

Commitment is very important. It is a positive side of your life. Staying committed and dedicated can bring about a revolution in your life. This New year is a right time to do that. Once you decide to leave alcohol and drugs, it will motivate you to stay more healthy. If you can quit completely by taking a sudden action, make a promise to yourself that you will drink less and consume less alcohol.

How Many times have you made resolutions to stop drinking alcohol and drug addiction ?

You might have lost count ? A thousand times. You might have tried to stop drinking alcohol and drug addiction but failed many times. But here is a secret by which you can succeed now. The kety is moderation. .Drinking in moderation and slowly tapering down the amount of alcohol is the right way. So don’t give up if you have tried before and not succeed.Control your cravings  for alcohol and drugs for the whole month of Jan 2021 and see how you get a sense of achievement which motivates you further to do your best. 

If you have tried and failed to quit alcohol and drug addiction 

This is a very important aspect to your health which is going to change the way you think about alcohol and drug addiction. If you have tried and failed to quit addiction , it is possibly because you have developed (AUD) Alcohol Use Disorder or Substance Abuse Disorder. So here you need help professionally. 

How can quitting alcohol and drug addiction help you ? 

Quitting alcohol and drug addiction can help you with a healthy and productive life which can help a great deal. Remember alcohol and drugs kill you and make you more ill. It can deteriorate your life and put you at risk for various health conditions that can cause liver damage. If you are still addicted to alcohol and drugs, knowing the ill effects which can go to the extent of brain damage is very important 

Quitting alcohol and drug addiction this New Year can make you healthy as well as help you save money for your future. Alcohol and drugs ruin relationships with people. So make the best choice of quitting alcohol and drug addiction this New year 2021 with Trucare Trust new techniques and treatment. Get connected at www.trucaretrust.in for more information.