Are you facing mental issues with your teenager child?

It will be difficult for your teenager child to deal alone with addiction. Family and friends play a very important role and help you deal with addiction. Read more to know about  dealing with teenager mental health issues.

Oh he is moody he doesn’t speak to anybody.

His grades are slipping .

He is not doing well with studies.

He does not shows up at football practice

He sits up late night

Understanding the concept of addiction!!!

Addiction is tricky and knowing how to handle is even harder.

Addiction means the person has no control on the drugs and substances which he or her uses.

Physical addiction : Being physically addicted means a patient’s body becomes dependent on a particular substance. It also means building tolerance to that that the person needs a larger dose even before to get the same effect.

Someone who is physically addictive develops withdrawal symptoms if he or she stops using that substance.

Psychological addiction

It means craving for the drug whether psychological or emotional.His whole life centers around the need of the drug.

Signs of addiction :

The most obvious sign is the need to have that particular drug. However other physical signs would be change of mood or weight loss and weight gain

Psychological signals 

Use of drugs as a way to forget and relax

Withdrawal or keeping secrets from family or friends.

Lost of interest in activities which use to be interesting

Problems like absence in school and low grades

Changes in relationship and friendship

Spending a lot of time how to get drugs

Stealing or selling belongings to afford drugs.

Mood swings




Physiological symptoms

Changing in sleeping habits

Feeling sick when trying to stop drugs

Changing in eating habits

Weight gain or loss

Getting help

If you think you are addicted or someone is addicted, getting help is the main solution to the problem .

Recognizing the problem : You need to acknowledge the problem

Many people think they can kick the problem on their own but that rarely works

It may help if you talk to your friend or someone of your own age first which may help you deal with the problem.

Supportive and understanding adult is the best option for you

If you can’t talk to parents you might approach a school counselor or relatives.

Overcoming addiction is not easy

Quitting drinking or drugs is going to be one of the hardest things ever.

Remember it is not your weakness and you can overcome it gradually with personalized attention and care .

Tips for recovery

Tell your friends about the decision to stop using drugs:

True friends will respect your decision . You need to find a new group of friends that will help you give up drugs and will let you stay drug free.

Ask your friends and family to be available when you need them :

You might need to talk to someone in the middle of the night . Take support from family. If you are going through a tough time don’t do it on your own , Take help from your family and parents

Remember having an addiction does not make a person bad or weak.

There is nothing to be ashamed but that’s a good sign that you want to give up drugs and you are on right path of recovery

Establish a plan with parents :

Have a plan with parents as to what you will do if you were with drugs. The temptation will be there sometimes . If you know you are going to handle it you will be okay

Staying clean

A recovery program with us from 6 – 8 weeks at a Rehab center will definitely be a valuable support from us which your will cherish all life. Remember Support is the best therapy we can provide.

So Talk to us when you are in need !!