Cigarette smoking doesn’t make you feel like a king !!! Your craving is temporary but damage to the lungs is permanent. Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing. A cigarette says “turn me into ashes but tomorrow is my turn. Every time you light a cigarette you know your life isn’t worth living. Cigarette smoking doesn’t make you live longer and does not make you look cooler. 

Quit smoking and start living 

You can quit It 

You can breathe better 

You can feel better 

You can look better 

You can do it 

Remember it’s better to quit smoking as its never too late

Let’s take a closer look at how cigarette smoking affects your lungs. 

Smoking attacks your lungs 

Lungs are a crucial part of the respiratory system. Its main function is allowing you to breathe fresh oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Smoking can destroy your lungs and create problems with the breathing issue. Smoking can change your lungs and make you grow old. It can shrivel up the lung tissue and tighten your chest making it difficult to breathe and cause wheezing. 

Changes in appearances due to smoking

Initially, your lungs are pink and plump because they breathe fresh oxygen and fresh air 

They are clean and pure. 

Smoker’s cough 

The dreaded smoker’s cough is injurious to health and the sound of it is unpleasant.

Smoker’s lungs are black because every time you inhale a cigarette it deposits black tar which is toxic to your lungs  

Overtime cigarette smoking everyday deposits enough tar in your lungs 

On top of that, there are dark spots that are due to smoking-related issues. 

Although it’s not visible to the naked eye there are many smoking polluted areas in the lungs 

You probably know the sound of the old man who has smoked for many years with a distinctive hacking cough. 

It’s just unpleasant and very uncomfortable for the one doing the coughing 


Imagine feeling like you cannot get enough air into your lungs, How hard will it make you to breathe. 

What exactly happens with COPD which is a lung disease and smoking makes it difficult to breathe. Emphysema and Chronic bronchitis is the type of COPD and makes the lung gasp for breath, difficult to breathe, shortness of breath and intense coughing 

Ultimately is COPD is bad news, it worsens further and results in death 


Lung cancer is the biggest bad news you can get as a smoker. 80 – 90 % of lung cancer occurs due to smoking. Although lung cancer can be treated at the initial stages, it can be difficult to treat at late stages if discovered quite late


Regular smoking takes a major toll on your health. Even if you quit smoking, it’s good news. The body has a major capacity to heal . The sooner you quit the better  

TURN TO TRUCARE TRUST for better recovery. 

Are you facing problems with quitting smoking and finding it difficult to totally eradicate it from your system and mind? We can help you achieve it. The process of De-Addiction is not simple. It required quite an effort to quit smoking and live a smoke-free life. Smoking practically affects each and every part of the body. Ensuring that your body and system is free of smoke which contains nicotine and gets you habituated all your life. Once you quit smoking you need to make sure that you must not get back to it. A recovery process is not easy. You need to swear by it and make a way out through smoke to live a healthier and better life. 

Remember we are there to help.