Addiction can cause emotional dependence or physical dependence. Being dependent on anyone in life can lead to personality dependence disorder due to addiction. It’s true that we survive as social creatures but it’s important to note that you should not be dependent on anyone in your life. Based on the research, psychiatrists have defined dependence to be a personality disorder that can arise from addiction. People with dependant personality may submit to the will of others. These people with addiction are often misguided with promised care and affection. Dependent people are unable to cope up on their own.

 What are the traits of dependent personality due to addiction?

Being dependent is a very clingy disorder and leads to clinging on to others. Because the person fears that they can’t live without others. Individuals with dependent personalities are often negative and self doubt themselves. Addiction leads to a problem where a patient cannot think and becomes more dependent. 

They take criticism and disapproval as proof of their worthlessness and lose faith in themselves. They may seek overprotection and dominance from others. Regular activities also become impaired if they need to be dependent on others for their day to day activities. They may avoid positions of responsibility and become anxious to make decisions on their own. Social relations become affected and limited to those on whom they are dependent. 

Has difficulty in making decisions every day 

Being dependent on others for tiny little petty decisions before making a decision is an important trait of dependent personality disorder. 

They assume others to take responsibility for their life.

Leading to low decision-making skills which can lead to emotional and physical dependence can call for a major problem. You fail to take your own responsibility for your life and tend to hold other responsible for every little thing in your own life 

Has difficulty expressing disagreement due to fear or loss of support or disapproval. 

When you cannot face disapproval from others and tend to agree with them on wrong decisions can be quite hazardous to your life. This kind of dependency needs to be taken care of from the initial stage to avoid major problems ahead in life. 

Feels uncomfortable and helpless when alone

If you get uncomfortable and get unpleasant experiences while staying alone, there is a need for emotional support then this is the concerned area where dependency is marked. You need to take care of your mood and not feel helpless when you are alone.

How to become less dependent on yourself?

Here are 5 ways that can make you less dependent by giving up addiction.

  • Being dependant makes you an introvert and you tend to socialize with only the person on whom you are dependant. 
  • Widen your perception and start growing. 
  • Take control of your life and start making the right decisions by taking others’ advice. But make sure that you make the final decision by yourself. 
  • There will be powerful emotions that will lead you in different directions causing you to take help from others.
  •  Do not give up. Don’t lose the grip over your emotions 

Once you give up your own life responsibility, you may lose your identity. This is very important to be taken care of. So make sure you put the best foot forward by controlling your emotions and dependency. Make sure that you need to give up the addiction and put an end to it by living a healthy life. so Join hands with Trucare Trust care that assures you better care and independent life which can make you worth living