International stress awareness week 2020 Nov 2 nd to Nov 6 th 2020

Time for some self mental care due to stress !!!

Stress can be a silent killer both in the personal and professional workplace. We are faced with challenge, stress  and threat in our day to day life. How we cope up with stress is important rather than taking tension and getting burned out due to stress. Dealing with stress is an art and skill. You need to be in mental state of mind when dealing with stress.

You can easily fall prey to addiction if you have:

workplace stress

financial stress

relationship stress

Personal stress

Exam stress

A constant state of worry is stress. Tremendous pressure in day to day life leads to stress and causes problems in our day to day life. The stress awareness day was set aside as a time to be aware of stress and How it affects our mental life.

Constant worry can lead to addiction to not only alcohol or smoking but also allopathic medicines. Overuse of allopathic medicines can affect your health in long run.

1. History of Stress Awareness week
2. When is Stress awareness week in year 2020?
3. How to celebrate Stress Awareness week ?
  • Understanding stress
  •  Know your stressors
  •  Monitor your stress levels
  •  Address your stress levels
  • Dealing to cope up with stress
  •  Steps for relieving stress
4. 10 Stress-busting tips.

History of the Stress Awareness Say

Established in the year 1998 it was more focused on taking care of mental health issues that occur because of stress.

The stress awareness day was established by the International stress management  Association ISMA to know how can stress affect your life.

The stress awareness day is an opportunity to look after your stress. Failure to deal with stress can lead to many health-related issues.

When is stress awareness week in the year 2020?

The stress awareness week runs from 2 nds to 6 th Nov 2020.

More and more focus is given to address the covid 19 impacts.

With the intention to reach a wider audience, more seminars, webinars are being addressed and created for better mental health.

How to celebrate stress awareness week.

It is an opportunity to remove stress from daily life.

Act now and start living stress-free.

Understanding stress:

Deal with stress as an important issue

Negligence to stress can lead to many problems like an addiction which includes smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Know your stressors:

It is important to know your stressors like what triggers stress and what causes stress.

Tension prevails in every human being. It’s important to cope up with it

Monitor your stress levels

Monitor your stress levels so that you don’t fall prey to allopathic medicines and other habit forming medicines which can affect your body in long run.

Address your stress level.

Address and acknowledge stress. It’s important to understand that you are suffering from stress and you need help.

Dealing to cope up with stress.

How you deal and cope with stress is also important. We don’t want you to use allopathic medicine which are habit-forming.

Steps for relieving stress

Revive your health by dealing with stress in correct manner. Stay away from alcohol and drugs and take the right decision for your health.

10 Stress-Busting tips:

Taking control of your mind
Focus on the present
Keep a thoughtful journal
Get active
Take a break
Plan your work
Be positive and remove your negative thoughts
Don’t forget to talk: Talk therapy helps.