The alcohol that we drink is a chemical called ethanol. Alcohol is a psychoactive mind altering drug that affects the way we think and behave. Alcohol is a depressant that slow s down our heart rate, breathing, thinking and action. There are different types of alcoholic  beverages made from fermented fruits and vegetables. 

Why do we drink alcohol ?

We humans are used to alcohol since ancient years for all sorts of reasons . For some alcohol is pain relieving and treated as a medicinal tool.For other it is been used as a drink to celebrate and have success. Alcohol has been used strongly to enhance the life and enjoyable drink.When celebrating a glass of wine with your loved one, too many glasses can turn a happy gathering into a violent and angry situation. Relaxing after work with a bottle of beer is relaxing and gives some down time. Whereas the glass of wine relieves stress and this alcohol continues to have adverse effects on health and life 

What happens when we drink?

It is absorbed by the system and the bloodstream and travels to the brain and slows down the activity of the brain and causes you to be more dependent. It affects the pleasure pathway and makes you more relaxed. 

In small amounts, alcohol can make you more talk able and sociable.In larger quantities it may continue to cause loss of balance and vision and also loss of ability to make important decisions. It isn’t just the amount that we consume. But alcohol is noted to have different effects on different people. Our BAC (Blood Alcohol Content ) also differs depending on size and gender. It affects your personality and emotion. It also affects your present mood and surroundings 


One or two drinks at gatherings or parties can start by making you more talkative. A few more drinks can make you intoxicated and lead to embarrassing actions. You happen to lose the control of body and behavior and that leads to complete black out in the long run. For both men and women who use alcohol on a weekly basis can cause adverse effects on the heart and the liver. 

So do you know how the liver was named ?



Liver means allowing you to live. All basic important functions are carried out by the liver which are very important to us for our life process. Liver should be given equal importance as the brain and heart. But sometimes we forget that we really need care and tend to damage it with alcohol and drugs. Liver helps in your metabolism of the body which is the important aspect of energy. Overtime drinking large amount of alcohol causes liver to stop functioning and becomes hardened leading to Cirrhosis of liver 

When alcohol is a problem?

If we drink too much alcohol it affects our breathing , heart rate and gag reflux leading to potential damage to our body. Drinking alcohol causes negative effects on our life and others lives. Even the small amount of alcohol can spoil your lifestyle and lead to major health problems. Failure, rejection, negativity all comes with alcohol. You forget to deal with the positive aspect of life. Even people who drink in normal amounts can lead to poor decision making skills. People who have dependence on alcohol can have ever lasting effects on the body.The headaches, nausea and shakes are all the withdrawal symptoms of life. 

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