My Name is Lokesh Mittal, I am the Chief Operating Officer, of the Gicleegetics Technology Pvt. Ltd. I was an alcohol addict; my family was very sad at this state of mine. The story starts 10 years back, when got admission to the prestigious University of Delhi. I was introduced to the beer by my friends and classmates, I started drinking beer on a regular basis and finally, our college ended by I being the gold medallist in our year, then I qualified for my exam for IIM, and was admitted to the IIM Ahmedabad, I met many of the rich classmates. They introduced me to the whisky, I somehow controlled myself and was the high achiever of that batch. In my farewell I couldn’t refuse the bottle of alcohol so I drank, then the bi experienced the best feeling in the world as if I might have drunk relaxation drink. Then slowly and slowly I got addicted to it till I joined my first job. After few months of my job, I was so engrossed in my alcohol addiction that I stopped going to my office, left work, was rusticated from my office, then I became unemployed and started living at home all the time and drinking Alcohol. I was suggested by my family members to call Mr. Amit Chhabra centre director of Trucare Trust – Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune for to get rid of my addiction. I constantly refused them my treatment that slowly by time I will leave this habit.

Then one day, I felt my stomach Ache, I thought it would be a normal ache, but it continuously ached for about 3 days. I visited that doctor for the same, so, he advised me to visit a Stomach Specialist, who after some tests told me that I am suffering from stage 2 Stomach Cancer. I was immediately admitted to the hospital for my treatment, so, that I can overcome my medical issue, after the successful surgery, my doctors told me that if I didn’t stop drinking then my life is at stake. So, I called the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, to come and take me directly from the hospital.

Trucare Trust – (Pune) Best is renowned as the best rehabilitation centre, they they have the best and highly experienced faculty, which helped me recover fully, in approximately 10 months. Even after discharge they were in the regular contact with me over the phone and sometimes also asked me to come for a short visit and today after 3 years of treatment. I restarted my career, and have also reached a height that I should have a long time before. I have completely overcome my addiction to alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol use disorder, or even alcohol abuse, whatever you name it. I am glad that at the right time I took the right decision by visiting the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pune, which helped me regain my simple and sober life, and saved me from the clutches of the mightiest death.