Handling urges to resist alcohol can be very difficult. Getting tempted at social gatherings is quite easy. Some people have a tendency to indulge in alcohol during the weekends. Cravings for alcohol is quite common in adults who are addicted to alcohol. While there is no magic bullet to control alcohol, you can make some arrangements to stop your curbings and tendency towards drinking alcohol. Resist alcohol before you get addicted to it and create an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some of the tips may be really helpful to you in reducing the intake of alcohol and ultimately quitting it. A treatment program at the best drug rehab center can change your life by helping you resist alcohol. Some strategies are advanced and require the help of a specialist counselor or the support of a professional health care provider to help your give up alcohol

Here are a few essential tips that can help you resist alcohol.

Keep track of your daily routine to resist alcohol

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Keeping a track of your routine can help you a great deal. Learn from the situations that cause you to indulge in alcohol. Resist alcohol during that time. Learn the techniques of distracting your mind from cravings for alcohol. Switched to mild and lower alcoholic content slowly and steadily. Keeping away from triggers can help you to resist alcohol. List down the triggers in your dairy and your daily routine every hour. This will be easier for you to go through how valuable you have spent your day without the urge for alcohol. 

Avoid triggers to resist alcohol

If stress is the major reason for the consumption of alcohol, eliminate it from your system. We all go through stress, it is very normal but how we cope up with it is very important. Switch to other stress-busters like exercise, sweets, or your favorite food. If you think that weekends make you weak towards alcohol, give up the social gathering with friends right away. Change the way you spend your weekend. Instead, go and workout in the gym or set up a dinner with your family and loved ones. This will make you a balanced person. The best way to spend your weekend is to indulge in your favorite hobby. Stop meeting your drinking companies and avoid the company of people who trigger you to drink alcohol. 

Substituting with healthy drinks for alcohol. 

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If you can’t resist social gatherings with your friends, substitute healthy drinks to resist alcohol. Sip some green tea or some fruit juice. Adding coconut water or buttermilk can be a great idea. Prepare some smoothies at home and change the whole idea of alcohol. Starting to switch with mild and low content of alcohol like red wine can be a great idea. Switch to lime water and honey can be great to curb alcohol drinks. Replace the alcohol in your house with healthy drinks. To boost your mind and get that “high”, the best thing is to indulge in a cup of coffee and tea that can refresh your mornings. A glass of milk can work wonders in providing you with a good amount of calcium. Switch to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating nutrients into your body. 

Reward yourself when you win over to addiction

Winning over your mood to resist alcohol is your first step to addiction recovery. Do not give up and change your lifestyle. If you have skipped indulging in alcohol this week, it’s time to reward yourself. Resisting alcohol for 15 days will bring about a healthy change in your well being. You will be more alert and focused. Your mind will function well.  Yes, this definitely calls for a reward. Indulge in some online shopping and get yourself a pack of goodies. You can also cook your favorite food. You can order some dessert and indulge in sweets which can make you happy. This will give you a sense of achievement which will make you feel motivated and great.

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