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Admission Guideliness

  1. Age:

    Adults 18+

  2. Gender:


  3. Treatments

    Alcohol Addictions, Drug Addictions and other Substance Abuse

  4. Medical:

    A thorough History and Physical examination will be completed upon arrival by our medical staff and general physician. If you have had medical check-up in the last 10 days kindly provide a copy of it to the staff.

  5. Emotional

    Any prior psychological treatment information should be provided if there is any concern that it might interfere with an individual’s ability to be treated for chemical dependency. As much as possible, mental and emotional disorders should be stable prior to admission.

  6. Physical:

    An individual will be expected to actively participate in all drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and should be able to function without major limitations.

  7. Prior Treatment:

    Knowledge about and availability of prior treatment records and information will be beneficial to the staff prior to treating each individual.

  8. Pre-Admission:

    Please fill out the required form. This information will help us in providing the best treatment for drug or alcohol customized to your individual needs.

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Please leave your name and number. We will call you back.

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