Addiction means the chronic dysfunction of the brain, reflected in craving for a particular substance or behaviour. Addicted ones are unable to stop themselves from consuming a particular substance. Self-control gets diminished and there is an ever-increasing desire to get more of the substance. Addictions of any type severely affect your mind and body and disrupt your life. They may even lead to serious health and financial issues over time. Hence it is extremely important to stop the triggers which make you restless for the substances. It’s not impossible but yes requires certain efforts from your side to permanently get rid of any sort of addictions. 

Most of the times it is not easy to accept your own addictions, the majority keep on avoiding the label of addicted. But make a note of certain things like increased levels of depression and anxiety as signs of addiction. Accepting that you are addicted is the foremost step to avoid the triggers. Remember that all addictions are treatable.   You can visit a good drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India that allows you to treat your various addictions in a very effective and professional way.   These famous centres have treated various patients and brought them out of the age-old addictions in a simplified way, the patients are treated very politely and a lot of motivation is given to the patients to bring them out effectively of any addiction.  It takes patience and time but definitely, the results are assured.  All you need is to follow certain important steps to get rid of the addiction triggers. 

1. Identify personal triggers- Triggers vary individually so it is important to identify your addiction triggers. Ask yourself questions like ‘when do you think about alcohol or any other drug the most?’ When you know your personal triggers then it gives the right direction to start and plan accordingly to avoid those situations completely. 

2. Avoid Stress- Stress has become really common for each and everybody. We get stressed very soon and often. You can’t completely eliminate stress, but you can tackle it to minimise its negative impact. Understand when stress is building within you, when you are getting tensed, and then immediately take appropriate actions to calm yourself. The best way is to close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Go for a walk or indulge in some physical activity like swimming or gym. 

3. Seek Help- Do not hesitate in reaching out to specific people whenever a trigger gets activated. It is important to seek help immediately in order to reduce the effect of the trigger. Contact your close friends or family members who can help you out. If you wish to seek proper treatment, then nothing can be better than registering to the Rehabilitation Centre in India

4. Stay Busy and keep yourself Motivated- Boredom is one of the major reason to trigger your brain for consuming drugs. So stay busy, indulge yourself in new activities like going out for a walk, or travelling, maybe devote time to your childhood hobbies. Have a list of things made up which you would like to do the most and whenever you feel bored, just start on them one by one. Meet new people, interact with them because it really calms you and makes you feel happy. 

5. Keep Learning- The more you try to understand your own behaviour and trigger patterns, the better would be the recovery process. You will definitely emerge out as stronger than ever if you keep on continuously working on your own self. Start exploring new things, make meaningful relationships, exercise regularly, do meditation and a lot more similar stuff. 

If you are addicted to alcohol or any other drugs and want to regain the balance of mind as soon as possible under the best care then there are rehabilitation centres to help you.

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