There could be many reasons for addiction. Some believe it’s a difficult relationship, failure in life, loneliness or stress. Whatever may be the reasons, these reasons have led to higher problems of co occurring problems with mental health disorder. If it is leading you to a mental health problem, then it could be definitely difficult to deal. Taking an early intervention will be the right choice to perfect the cure. Fighting with it,  is one battle but fighting with co occurring mental disorder can be a dual battle for the addicts. 

How to recognize a co-occurring condition with addiction and mental health disorder?

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Understanding and acknowledging the problem from the root cause is very essential. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can definitely take further steps to improve your mental disorder. Taking an initiative at an early stage is the solution for better prognosis. Approach your family members if you have fallen prey to it. You know that it is difficult to deal as the mental disorder crops in your mind. With negativity and overcrowded thoughts due to it, mental disorders can be difficult to treat. So here are few conditions that may be co occurring with your addiction and can make addiction more difficult to cure. 


If you are going through stressful conditions, like loss of job, loneliness or isolation, then it can be difficult to treat addiction. Stress leads to burning out of mental and physical condition which causes you to be loaded with worry. Stress is constant tension and worry in your life. This stress and constant worry can make you irritable at pretty things, sad or angry which will lead to more mood disorders and make it difficult to deal with addiction. Take help of your loved ones. Calm yourself down. Try brain training exercises  which can calm you down and can keep addiction at bay

Depression and addiction. 

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Due to limited interactions with the covid scenario, more people are setting into depressive mode.Isolation right from home quarantine to less gatherings, more people are confined to home. This has led to depression. Addiction cropping up at this phase of life can be difficult to treat. If you are sad for more than 2 weeks, it should be an alarming situation where you need to take care of your mental health as it could lead to addiction. If sadness prevails for more than two weeks, reach out to us at Trucare Trust where we can help you so that you don’t fall into addiction. 


Outburst of anger with alternating crying can lead to major mood disorders that can cause a problem for your mental health. Varying degrees of restlessness can also cause a problem with anxiety. If you have anxiety attacks like panic attacks, there are higher chances of addiction.Anxiety can cause palpitations which can lead to addiction or can be a cause of addiction. Palpitations are very difficult to deal with where there is increased heart rate, increased sweating , increased respiratory rate and blood pressure reaches its peak. To calm yourself down you might take help of addiction like alcohol, smoking or drugs. Restless leg syndrome is one of the major sign and feature of addiction 

So these are some of the dual diagnosis cases that come to us at Trucare Trust that we treat with close monitoring to remove the traces of addiction. So get started with the treatment which will work from the inner root. Avoid the co occurring mental disorders which can worsen the mental health and result in progression of disease.